L. Long

Joe and Ginger of Tatum Estate Sales handled an estate sale for me prior to selling my house of 16 years and moving out of state. To say I was completely paralyzed at the thought of going through all of those years of accumulation and deciding what to do with it all would be a gross understatement. A friend referred me to Joe and Ginger and they met with me shortly after. From that point on, they immediately went into high gear and turned an overwhelmingly daunting task into a totally possible reality. They are experts at what they do……from marketing to sell. They treated me and all of my precious treasures with the utmost dignity, respect, professionalism, and most of all understanding and compassion. Somehow, they made me feel totally in control and completely at ease at the same time. I believe these 2 have some sort of super powers! I call them “The Calvary”. What they accomplished in such a short time is nothing short of a miracle. Without them, I would probably be curled up in a corner not knowing how to even begin. I could sing the Tatum’s praises on and on! I will never forget the way they took such an emotionally and physically difficult situation and turned it into a very positive and successful experience. My sell was a complete success and I now consider Joe and Ginger Tatum to be dear and precious friends.

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